Tatiana Bakhteeva

MD, professor, Chairman of the Committee for Health Care, Motherhood and Childhood of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine


Given the lately demographic situation in Ukraine the primary task of the society is protection reproductive health of our population. Solutions to this problem lie in the plane of improving the medical care quality and introduction of new technologies in the field of reproductive health, and support of national professional qualifications of physicians and scientists at a high level.

Appearance of the new scientific and practical journal is always a significant event. Emergence of the new medical journal opens new opportunities for the exchange of information, modern, practical medical experience, i.e. is another school of improvement for scientists and practitioners doctors.

The journal "Reproductive Endocrinology", covering issues related to improving the reproductive health of the population is largely solve the task of raising the life quality, increasing fertility, promotion of health descendants. These are important components of one of the main directions of the state policy, which aims to support a healthy generational change and, consequently, further development of the country.

Noteworthy professionalism of creators this magazine, among them are not only famous medical scientists of Ukraine, but also health care organizers, profile experts from other countries.

I wish the journal staff and readers of creative success, interesting initiatives, discussions, outstanding achievements and of course good feedback.

I am sure that the magazine will promote the development of the Ukrainian science and national health care system and serve the people of Ukraine.


 A.M. Serdyuk

President of the National Academies of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, academician


Medical science progress which will determine the development of practical medicine of the 21st century requires an adequate and prompt information support. So today one of the major components that are necessary for the provision of quality medical care is objective medical information that comes to the doctor. This is a crucial issue not only for the health of our patients, but also without any exaggeration for the fate of the country, especially when it comes to women's health, preservation of reproductive function in poor demographic situation in our life rhythms in our country. Growing vital rhythms of technological society, deteriorating of environmental conditions, food and diet, work and rest, and especially the reproductive behavior of our contemporaries disrupt adaptation mechanisms and determine the steady increase in pathology, including reproductive system.

In recent years there is increase of the number of infertile couples, premature birth, and pregnancy losses. Given the increasing frequency of endocrine disorders (diabetes, thyroid disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and others) and hormone-dependent tumors of the reproductive system, special importance belong to popularize knowledge about reproductive endocrinology as an important component of perinatology. This is the aim of basic efforts of leadership of the country.

I want to emphasize that the high awareness of medical staff on the latest achievements of medicine will provide an opportunity not only to introduce advanced technology, proven effectiveness in the world, but the scientific foundation and create an integrated model that would unite the modern world standards, domestic experience available in the state resources and features of public health. This will facilitate the implementation of the reforms initiated in the state of processes to optimize health.

I am convinced that the joint efforts of scientists, doctors, managers of public health, progressive community, which will cover the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology", will be a significant contribution to achieving optimal health in Ukraine.


V.M. Zaporozhan

MD, professor, academician of NAMS of Ukraine, Vice-President of NAMS of Ukraine, Rector of the Odessa National Medical University, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology № 1


The current demographic situation in Ukraine and reforming healthcare sphere, performed by state guidance require a scientific strategy to resolve any reproductive problems throughout life, starting from pregnancy planning, management of perinatal period and development reproductive function in adolescents and continuing the infertility treatment, prevention and treatment of cancer pathology and menopausal disorders. This systematic approach will allow to not only solving the problem of reproductive health, but also effectively preventing them. We live in times of extremely high rate of technical support of scientific research that can decode the genome and uncover the secrets of nature, not only at the cellular but also at quasi cellular level. Today created and

implemented new methods of diagnosis, pharmacotherapy and minimally invasive surgery, which with the assistance of modern information technologies can enrich huge amount of knowledge about a variety of reproductive health of men and women.

Reproductive medicine has moved from the stage of accumulation of facts to implement the concept of evidence-based medicine and selection of best practices. Revaluation of values that occurs in scientific medical environment in our country allows combining the implementation of proven modern world technology and accumulated experience and knowledge of national academic medical schools and to consider social and ethnic features of our population.

High frequency of dyshormonal disorders that is comprise 60-70% in the structure of women's reproductive health, the steady increase of hormone tumors number of the reproductive system and mammary glands, as well as increased pregnancy rate against thyroid cancer, diabetes and other endocrine diseases causing an interest to reproductive endocrinology problems not only for obstetricians, but also for experts from other specialties.

Reproductive endocrinology is an interdisciplinary branch of medicine that combines the interests of endocrinologists, obstetricians, clinical pharmacologists, pediatricians, andrologists, urologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, specialists in bioethics, psychologists and others. It aimed at increasing fertility, maintaining efficiency and quality people's lives by restoring hormonal regulation of reproductive function.

It should be noted that the presence in the arsenal of the modern doctor a wide range of drugs, including hormones, requires professional training of physicians and deep knowledge in physiology and pathology of the reproductive function regulation.

Today, medical scientists and doctors are urgently needed as analytical reviews that contain summarized data of large-scale studies that meet the principles of evidence-based medicine and achievements leading local schools, exclusive clinical cases, practical advice and clinical lectures.

Attracting professionals of different specialties allow providing integrated approaches to treatment disorders of the reproductive health and promoting improvement of the infertility treatment, prevention of cancer pathology and improving health and quality of people life of all ages.

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