NO 42 (2018)




Subfertility: philosophy and methodology of the problem. Part II PDF (РУССКИЙ)
И. З. Гладчук, В. В. Дощечкин 8-15
Prenatal diagnosis of phenylketonuria and bilateral renal agenesis in a fetus PDF (РУССКИЙ)
Н. П. Веропотвелян, Г. В. Макух, Л. Б. Чорна, Т. А. Нетребко, Ю. С. Погуляй, Е. О. Хаванская 16-20
Analysis of frequencies of polymorphism of folate-cycle genes in women from different regions of ukraine: own study and review PDF (УКРАЇНСЬКА)
О. А. Фесай, Г. В. Стрелко, Г. В. Зайченко, В. В. Уланова 21-27
Influence of obesity on the development of endometrial hyperplasia in women of all ages PDF (УКРАЇНСЬКА)
О. О. Єфіменко, К. Д. Дейнюк 28-33


Features of hormonal homeostasis in women with climacteric syndrome associated with endometriosis PDF (УКРАЇНСЬКА)
Н. Ф. Захаренко, Н. В. Коваленко, І. М. Ретунська 34-38
Myo-inositol: therapeutic possibilities and pregravid preparation in women with pcos PDF (РУССКИЙ)
Л. В. Калугина, Т. И. Юско 40-45
Psychogenic stress-dependent disorders of menstrual cycle: role of non-hormonal correction PDF (РУССКИЙ)
И. В. Кузнецова, М. Н. Бурчакова, Д. И. Бурчаков, Н. Х. Хаджиева, Г. Г. Филиппова 46-51
Parvovirus B19 in the practice of obstetrician-gynecologist PDF (РУССКИЙ)
О. А. Бурка, И. В. Сидорова 53-56


Prevention of obstetric complications against the background of retrochoric hematoma in the i trimester of pregnancy PDF (УКРАЇНСЬКА)
Т. Г. Романенко, О. М. Суліменко 60-66
Maternal thrombophilia as a predictor of the onset of obstetric complications and perinatal losses in women with loss of pregnancy, depending on body weight PDF (УКРАЇНСЬКА)
Ю. М. Дука 68-74


Features of the somatic status and clinical characteristics of breast cancer in postmenopausal women PDF (УКРАЇНСЬКА)
С. М. Грибач 76-81


The effectiveness of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndrome PDF (УКРАЇНСЬКА)
Т. Г. Романенко, О. М. Суліменко 82-86
The use of lactulose and lignin in the complex treatment of patients with dysbiotic vaginal processes PDF (РУССКИЙ)
И. В. Антоненко


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