Ladies and Gentlemens!

Presenting the new journal "Reproductive Endocrinology", I want to tell you what its main scientific and practical tasks, what are the obvious advantages and why it attractive for advertisers that them to participate in this project.

For the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology" identified a number of functions, without which is not available the effectiveness of medical science and practice:

• Transmission and the use of scientific knowledge;

• Professional communication and interaction of scientists and practitioners (including inter-ethnic and inter-disciplinary);

• Encouraging research activities;

• Addressing issues of scientific priority and prestige;

• Evaluation of the significance and the stratification of individual scientists, research groups, scientific schools and practitioners.


The main objective of the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology" is to become the communications system, quickly providing to practitioner the required data in the most convenient form with a predominance of factual, reference, analysis and training information.

Authoritative editorial board consisting of leading domestic and foreign experts is working on each issue. On the one hand, all articles are reviewed at several levels of the editorial process, taking into account such factors as relevance, scientific validity, practical and scientific significance, organization, information richness and priority. On the other hand, in the work involved literary and medical editor, adapting sometimes too pseudoscientific texts to the perception of a doctor who needs to get a clear and accurate information to enhance their intellectual and practical level.

A distinctive feature of the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology" is its high printing performance - full color printing on coated matte paper density of 115 g with the help of modern equipment of the German company Heidelberg; cover density of 250 g with thermal binding, A4 (204 x 295 mm). Edition is favorably sustained, effective and pleasing to the eye design and original presentation of texts, adapted to the perception of quality information by specialists.

Scientific journals are not always efficient; they may be conservative to new ideas and early stage researchers. To be efficiency and enhance the usability of information it was approved periodicity - once every 2 months (6 times + at least three thematic issues per year). Volume edition of 120-150 pages in our opinion is the best for quality of perception and assimilation of information for doctors. As one of the instruments to promote young professionals, editors of the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology" and SI "Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, NAMS of Ukraine" initiated a competition for the best scientific work on gynecology of childhood and adolescence in two categories: analytical review of the problem and the results of clinical studies.

Commercial policy of the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology", which is essential to the realization of any quality product, consists in the following. First, the ratio of editorial and advertising materials in each issue is 70 and 30%, respectively. Second, it is performed a thorough peer review of published articles in advertising dense "bundle" the advertiser, based on evidence. It should be noted that the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology" is an independent publication. We did not lobby for the interests of certain companies, academic schools and institutions. Our principle is objectivity. We are giving everyone the opportunity to express their opinions.

Today, many scientific and medical journals already have their own websites. Our magazine is no exception. On the website www. you can see the content of all issues of the magazine and get the full text of articles. Developed active news feed, forum, a search engine for the journal and a number of other services.

Editors of the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology" provides the following services: writing thematic reviews and reviews of interventions, quality translation from English by physician and translator, to order additional copies of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, free advertising, print, reprint, etc.

Based on the subject and the targeting of a periodical edition, there were determined distribution channels:

• address subscription - provides constantly updated our own database of experts;

• participation as a media partner in the international and Ukrainian medical congresses, scientific conferences, etc.;

• distribution by pharmaceutical companies to help run health representatives;

• sending to the largest medical libraries, medical facilities in Ukraine, Postgraduate Medical Institutes, medical academies and universities.

Thus, the information platform of our edition will provide high quality treatment to specialized audiences and opportunities to promote your product.

Editors of the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology" guarantees durability, effectiveness and credibility of advertising publications and a rapid return on your advertising budget. We are confident that our journal is the most authoritative source of information for members of the task force, which will provide a greater return on your advertising message.


With respect and hope for further cooperation

Director of the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology", Anna Rakoed



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